The Neuroscience of Human Consciousness – Episode 63 – The Oxford Comment

On today’s episode of The Oxford Comment, we focused on human consciousness and how studying the neurological basis for human cognition can lead not only to better health but a better understanding of human culture, language, and society as well.

We are joined today by Dr. John Parrington, author of the newly published book Mind Shift: How Culture Transformed the Human Brain, and Professor Anil Seth, Editor-in-Chief of the Open Access journal Neuroscience of Consciousness­, to learn more about the study of human consciousness and how it can help us to understand autism spectrum disorders, mental illnesses, and neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis, the focus of this year’s World Brain Day (July 22).

Learn more about Mind Shift: How Culture Transformed the Human Brain and John Parrington here:
Learn more about Neuroscience of Consciousness and Anil Seth here:

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