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About Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press advances knowledge and learning. From a child reading their first words to a researcher expanding the frontiers of their field, the possibilities are endless. Established in the earliest days of printing and throughout our 400-year history, we have always been home to the inquisitive, the passionate, and the ambitious. We welcome new ideas and fresh thinking, and offer the opportunity for individuals and teams to make their mark.

We have a clear mission which informs everything we do—to create the highest quality academic and educational resources and services and to make them available across the world. We share the University’s uncompromising standards, defining qualities, and belief in the transformative power of education and research to inspire progress and realize human potential.

Oxford Academic

We are the world’s largest university press. That means we serve the academic community as no other publisher can. We work in partnership with institutions and learned societies to bring a world of knowledge to the fingertips of students and researchers worldwide.

The goal is impact. Together with our academic communities, we curate and seamlessly connect together the ideas that push their fields forward, so they can learn from them, add to them, and continue a virtuous cycle of scholarship.

And because we are a part of the academic community and guided in everything we do by our mission, we re-invest in our people, our publishing, and the world-leading research institution of which we are part.